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First impressions matter. Your website is one of the first things people see…let’s make it count




Website Development

You’re busy focusing on you… let me do the heavy lifting on your digital media. All my websites come with built in Search Engine Optimization necessitates, SSL certification that guarantees site authenticity & security, and advanced analytics capabilities. All sites are built with full mobile optimization in mind. The world is at the palm of your hands, your website is ready to stand out.

Projects of all sizes: Looking for a one page splash to promote a pop up event? A new online store to sell your hand made products? Maybe a personal blog to share your thoughts to the world? - No matter the size of work, I want to help.

Timeline for a website? No more of this waiting for months to get your site created and launched. From start to finish - 21 days. In less than a month, I can have your website created, signed off on and live on the internet.

* Majority of projects fall into this timetable. Must complete free consultation to determine

Social Media (Consultation)

Social media takes time. Sure you may post a super cool video that goes viral and you become the next biggest thing. But this isn’t circa 2009 anymore. Everyones on social media - that’s no longer the edge. How you deviate from the pack all comes down to two very important keys. Content and consistency. Social media is a grind and I’m here to help guide you on this weird funky roller coaster.

Logo Design

In collaboration with Kelvin Andreas

Your logo should be an extension of who you are. It’s the base, sets the entire stage for your brand. What is your logo saying about you?

Videography & Photography

Coming Soon - Early 2019



BAM Family





Looking to get started on your next project? Or wanna share some cool pics of neon signs - drop a line below and I will be sure to get back to you ASAP.